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Yemi Alade’s Love Life



Yemi Alade is another beautiful woman that is yet to be married. At the moment, she’s not dating anyone and she seems very fine with the relationship status. She is known for singing African genre songs and love songs. Although she’s not married she has dated and has been rumoured to date a few men. 

Who is Yemi Alade?

Yemi Eberechi Alade is Nigerian afropop singer, song writer, activist and actress. She is known for her good looks and beautiful body. Another amazing fact about her is that she can dance. Without doubt, it’s quite obvious that so men have and will continue to hit on her.

Yemi Alade Is a very private person and even though her music explores love and relationships, her love life is still a mystery to many. Just very few rumours have made it to the public about her love life and we are left to join the puzzles together to figure out if it’s true or just regular rumours.

33 and Not Married

Yemi Alade is 33 and is yet to be married and from the look of things, it’s a personal choice because everyone knows that the Johnny crooner has troops of admirers all over the world.

A Masai Wanted To Marry Yemi

In February 2020, Yemi took to her Instagram to talk about how a Masai presented 20 cows to her in exchange for her hand in marriage but the man’s friend said she was too fat and will not be able to build a house.


Yemi Alade's Love Life

Yemi Alade’s Rumoured Boyfriend’s
Alex Ekubo

In 2013, the duo were rumoured to be dating. This was after the actor and model, Alex, appeared on Yemi’s breakthrough song, Johnny. They also appeared together at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) red carpet.

Yemi Alade's Love Life

When asked about her relationship with Alex, she gave nothing away and only said he was a cool and lovable person. Nobody knows if they had dated because there were no Informations debunking or confirming it.


Phyno has been romantically paired with his colleague, Yemi. Phyno is popularly known for his great rapping skills in Igbo language. Yemi Alade admitted that she had a crush on Phyno sometime in 2015. They also did a collaborated song called Taking over.

Yemi Alade's Love Life

In an interview with Lanre Odukoya Yemi went further to say that she was open to getting married to the rapper. This statement came after fans shipped them to date during an appearance on MTV Base’s Real Talk. A year after Yemi’s comment, Phyno also admitted that he could date the beautiful singer. Now it’s obvious that the two had eyes on each other but was it enough to push them into a relationship? Considering that they had a popular song together, it might have just been a means for another publicity.

Flavour N’abania

Apparently, Yemi has not had only one crush. She has also crushed on the Ada Ada singer. Flavour is one of the hottest Nigerian musicians and Yemi has had her eyes on him. She said that when she first got into the music industry, she had a massive crush on him and hoped they were in a relationship.


Yemi Alade's Love Life

There’s also a picture of her kissing Flavour’s big image on the wall.

Yemi Alade's Love Life

When asked years later about her crush for  Flavour, she said it was dead. The two had collaboration songs together and the chemistry was so strong that people felt they had dated at some point in their lives.

Yemi Alade has shown no interest in having a boyfriend so marriage might not be on her list right now. Who knows, she might have a secret partner and might plan a secret wedding.

She is flying around the country, performing her songs and doing what she loves to do best, making money.








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