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MISS Eligible – Match-Making Platform for Women

This is the official matchmaking page for women before we match them to their Mr. Eligible! is a 360 relationship company with messages for all strata of society, helping young people find or maintain a happy love life.

What we do here is not just matchmaking. Through our carefully researched questions, we help you to think deeply about who you are, why you want what you want and what you really want.

Then, we introduce you to our short one class teaching to prepare you for Miss Eligible. Upon successful graduation from this class, we set you up on a Whatsapp date with a match. Based on positive feedback from both of you, we set you up on a physical date.

Then, we will daily send you both (for 30 days) our High-Value Partner secret code. This will help you become the kind of Man or woman of each others dream. Actually, the kind of Man or Woman you ought to be.

If you are game, fill the questionnaire below with utmost sincerity and genuineness.

WARNING: Do not share this link as a broadcast or mass message. This page should only be shared with women you can vouch for!