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LoveLifeNG: Making happy relationships and marriages common.

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About the Happy Love Life

LoveLifeNG is the internet relationship magazine for singles and married, focused on the issues and ideas that matter for this generation. We are interested in making happy marriages common. We are a relationship, marriage and life-skills empowerment inspired institution.

If negative tales of relationships and marriages will reduce drastically, there is a need for us to start reshaping the mindsets of the new generation. What we have been fed with before marriage will determine our behaviour and approach in marriage. This will invariably determine the success or the lack of it. is about informing, inspiring, educating and entertaining the single and married to operate with superior mindsets that can deliver the Love Life they desire.

Our Vision

To inform and inspire a generation of healthy minds who will make happy marriages common.

Our Mission

We want to help you discover what’s possible, develop the capacity to reproduce it and consistently serve you with tips to maintain that lifestyle.

Our Values

Transparency | Real | Love | Fun | Excellence | Speed

The Blog

We have carefully curated different aspects of relationships many people fall into. Segmenting these categories will help us deal and report issues decisively. It will afford us the opportunity to carry everyone along and reach everyone who needs help. At the moment, we are covering a few categories but find all the categories we hope to cover eventually listed below.

The Categories

Relationship – Here we report on everything that is general and happens as people deal with their love lives
Singles – Here we report the single life while we focus on educating, inspiring and entertaining the single (not in a love relationship)
Engaged – Here we provide tips to help the engaged blossom in his or her relationship. We provide steps to take in getting the relationship to the altar. Pre-Marriage advice and counselling will be on hand here as well.
Married – Here we will report love stories of married couples, couple goals, marital challenges, and advice on how to keep the married life and bed blossoming.
Dating – Here, we will provide dating tips, contexts and help the willing single navigate through this stage safely. We will report stories, highlight dangers and provide lessons needed at this stage.

Complicated – Here, we will report on controversial comments and rhetoric as regards love, relationship, and marriage and try to put context into them. We will attempt to help the one in the popular ‘complicated’ relationship/love triangle see clearly and navigate away from this danger zone.

Divorced – Here, we will report stories of the divorced – their failures and triumphs. We will also provide ways on how to enjoy this stage and how to find love again.

Men’s – Here, we will attempt to reconfigure man in the way he is supposed to be other than the way society made him be. We will report inspiring stories of men in their relationships and marriages. We will also attempt to inspire men to be better.

Women’s – Here, we will share the heroic feats of women in relationships and marriages.

Feminist – Here, we will analyze the feminist agenda, critic where necessary and promote where applicable. We will also go in search of unbiased feminists and feature them and why they embrace such ideology.

Wedding – Here, we will cover weddings and the story behind them.

Rape – Here, we will feature rape stories and activists championing the end of the menace. We will provide tips and advice on how to become whole again.

Music – Here we cover love songs and much more.

For stories, inquiries, intern or volunteer opportunities on LoveLifeNG, send a mail to or call +2348180172978

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