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AY And Mabel Makun Separate After 20 Years Of Marriage



Popular Nigerian comedian AY Makun has officially confirmed the rumors surrounding his separation from his wife, Mabel, marking the end of their twenty-year marriage.

The couple, who have journeyed together through life’s ups and downs and share the bond of two children, recently made headlines when they unfollowed each other on Instagram, sparking speculation about the state of their relationship.

In a heartfelt post shared on his verified Instagram account on Sunday, April 7th, 2024, AY Makun addressed the swirling rumors, revealing that he has reached a point in his life where he feels compelled to shield his personal family matters from public scrutiny.

Ay Comedian And Wife, Mabel Makun Spark Break Up Rumors


He stressed the importance of safeguarding the mental well-being of their grown-up daughter, who, like many in today’s digital age, has access to social media and should be shielded from any negative portrayals of their family dynamics.

Despite the hurt caused by the spreading of falsehoods about him, AY remains steadfast in his belief that the truth will ultimately prevail over lies.

Responding to her husband’s public statement, Mabel Makun took to her own Instagram account to share a poignant quote, signaling her stance on dealing with disrespect and drama.

She made it clear that she chooses distance as her response, opting to remove herself from situations that do not serve her well-being.

Amidst the public speculation and gossip surrounding the reasons behind their marital troubles, Mabel addressed the issue head-on, dismissing the circulating rumors as lies.


While acknowledging the shift in the trajectory of their marriage, she affirmed her commitment to embracing the future with grace and resilience, emphasizing her role as a mother to their children.

Reflecting on the dissolution of their marriage, AY Makun admitted to grappling with actions he’s not proud of, all while striving to uphold the sanctity of his family.

He expressed profound disappointment at witnessing the erosion of a friendship and partnership that spanned two decades, recognizing that neither party is blameless in the unraveling of their relationship.

As the Nigerian entertainment industry and fans worldwide come to terms with this news, both AY and Mabel Makun are navigating the complexities of separation with dignity and introspection, prioritizing the well-being of their family above all else.

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