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I don’t believe in marriage – Vee Iye



Former BBNaija housemate, Victoria Adeleye, better known as Vee, has sparked a conversation on the institution of marriage with her candid remarks.

Expressing her personal views, she challenges the traditional notion of marriage and raises thought-provoking questions about its relevance in contemporary society.

In a recent interview with Clout Africa, Vee articulated her skepticism towards marriage, citing the prevalent reality of broken vows and failed unions as a reason for her apprehension.

While acknowledging the significance of committed relationships, she questions whether the formal institution of marriage is a necessary step for her own life journey.


Vee’s perspective on marriage evolves as she delves into her reasoning. She candidly admits that her youth may contribute to her current stance, leaving room for the possibility of a shift in perspective as she matures.

This acknowledgment of personal growth and evolution underscores her introspective nature and openness to new experiences.

Reflecting on her past experiences, Vee acknowledges the potential influence they may have had on her perception of marriage.

Her honesty in recognizing the impact of her history on her present beliefs adds depth to her narrative, inviting empathy and understanding from her audience.

Despite her reservations about marriage, Vee remains open to the idea of love and companionship. She shares her desire to feel secure in a relationship, highlighting the importance of emotional fulfillment and connection over societal expectations.


Furthermore, Vee opens up about her romantic history, revealing that she has yet to encounter a relationship where she envisions a long-term commitment or sees her partner as a potential soulmate.

This candid admission sheds light on her journey of self-discovery and underscores her commitment to authenticity in matters of the heart.

In essence, Vee’s perspective challenges conventional norms and encourages individuals to introspectively evaluate their own beliefs and values surrounding marriage and relationships.

Her willingness to share her personal journey serves as a reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to love and companionship, empowering others to embrace their own truths and navigate the complexities of romance with authenticity and self-awareness.

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