How To Know If Your Crush Likes You Back

It’s one thing to discover that you have a crush on someone, it’s another thing to really truly know if they return the same feelings.

Most times, when a person has a crush on you, it can go unnoticed. These are some significant signs that your crush likes you back;

They glance at you regularly

When you have a crush on someone it’s normal for you to seek them out even in a crowd. If you find out that each time you try to look for them, they’re already staring at you then that can be a sure sign that they’re into you and have a huge crush.

When someone likes you they always look for opportunities to stare at you. In fact, sometimes they don’t mean to stare but they just find themselves doing it anyway.

They Look For Ways to touch you

A person who has a crush on you will want to hug you or hold hands with you. They might come under the guise of just “friendship” but, in reality it’s actually a way for them to be physical with you. They can rest a body part on top of yours, hold your waist, or sit close to you so their body can touch yours.

All of these are indications that a person might have a crush for you.

They want to be next to you

A crush would always want to be near you especially in a group setting or a crowded place. If you notice it happens with consistency, then there’s a high chance that they are interested in you in a more intimate and more romantic sense. It’s natural for friends to want to stay close to each other, but, if you feel it has become more than that already, then, they might be developing feelings for you.

They want to know your relationship status

They want to know if you’re dating or single. Even if they do not ask you outrightly, they’re super quiet when you’re sharing any details of your relationships (past or present) and they might also want to engage you for longer periods so that you can tell them more.

They can go as far as asking a friend if you are single because they might be feeling too nervous to approach you.

They respond Quickly to you

It could be call or text, but, if your crush responds to them immediately you send them, it could be a good sign that they’re into you and like you too.

If they have a crush on you, they’re likely re-reading your conversations or checking your social media in their free time, so they will be quick to respond to any calls or messages.

They flirt with you

While some people might be a bit shy to flirt with you if they like you, there’s a high chance the guy/gurl who is always flirting with you actually has a crush on you. They will also mostly flirt with just you and no one else. This shows exclusivity especially if they’re not normally flirtatious by nature.

They are Shy around you

If you find out that a particular person is suddenly so nervous around you and maybe even refuses to meet your eyes, then that could be a huge tell-tale sign that the person has a crush on you. They are scared of doing something weird around you and want to impress you.

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