Blessing Okoro Reveals The Secret To Know If A Man Truly Loves You

Blessing Okoro has revealed the most important tip to know if you’re really truly loved by a man.

Blessing Okoro is a relationship expert and a social media influencer. She started out with her relationship blog “break or makeup” where a throng of people aired their relationship issues for the public to air their opinions.

Blessing okoro

She also gained more prominence after she called out for faking a house to be her own on social media.

The controversial socialite, took to her instagram to offer a tip on how to identify a man that loves you. She revealed that a man who gives you money consistently is a man who truly loves you.

She revealed that it was the easiest way to prove if a man was truly in love with you.

This was not surprising to people since she had been consistent with  airing her  opinions on the importance of money in any romantic relationship.

In recent  interview with Punch Newspaper, she revealed a surprising detail about her that people found hard to believe considering her strong stance on money.

She said

“The most controversial statement I have heard about myself is that I am a prostitute (laughs).

However, I have never slept with any man for money before. But in this part of the world, some people believe that for a lady to achieve something tangible, she must have slept with a man (to get it).

That is just a false narrative. Whenever I hear such statements, I just laugh.”

Blessing Okoro has been consistent in dropping relationship advice both (solicited and unsolicited) to the public especially young females.

A lot of her tips are met with wild controversy and this one was not any different.

These are some reactions from people regarding her current advice;

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