How To Know When Your Crush Likes You

After hanging out with your crush and it was a success, how do you understand the feedback? Do you just wait till he says he likes you with his mouth or you can read actions?

In this article, we’ll be showing you how to know when your crush likes you back. It’s an amazing feeling.

They Always Look For Excuses To Spend Time With You:

You might not notice because you feel they are just less busy but behind closed doors we know they are not. They are just creating that time so they could be with you. Do you know how many schedules they might have had to miss and change because of you? No, you don’t. 

How To Know When Your Crush Likes You
They Get Upset When They See You With Another Person.

They begin to ask questions like, who is that, who is she? They try their possible best to look calm and to act like they don’t care but eventually, they blow their own cover and you’ll find out that they liked you. If your crush starts getting more jealous about the people you spend time with, then it’s obvious he likes you. 

How To Know When Your Crush Likes You

If They Begin to Follow And Interact With You On Social Media:

If your crush like you back, they are likely to follow you on social media. This is because they’ll want to learn as much from you. 

Reply To Your Texts Fast:

Generally, people that like you won’t keep you waiting on anything. When you are chatting with your crush and he/she always replies fast then there’s a 90% chance that they are also into you. It’s a 99% chance that they are interested in you if they keep an engaging conversation and also ask you questions. This means they are willing to know you which means they have an interest. 

They Might Be Happier, Nervous or Anxious: 

This depends on their personality. They can be nervous because they are trying to please you and they are afraid to do otherwise. They can be happier because they are excited to be around you. 

How To Know When Your Crush Likes You

If They Ask Your Relationship Status

Like most Nigerian girls, instead of them asking if you have a girl, they’ll say “hope your girlfriend won’t beat me”. When someone likes you, they begin to ask about your relationship status because it’s best to know early so you’ll know if you should go on or stop. 

How To Know When Your Crush Likes You

If They Smile Or Laugh At Your Jokes.

If they laugh at your jokes, then they do like you. They think you are a really cool and funny person. The funny person always wins and finds love. Someone who doesn’t like you won’t find your jokes funny at all. Unless they truly are. 

How To Know When Your Crush Likes You

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