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True Love series: What it means to say Love is Kind



True Love series What it means to say Love is Kind

True Love series: What it means to say Love is Kind

Love is a beautiful thing. It exists in all areas of life, in both humans and animals. You see the love the eagle has for her child when it keeps the baby where no animal can harm her. It then goes out to fetch food for the baby until the baby can start doing that for itself.

Except you are from an unfriendly planet, you will agree with me that Love is Kind. But what does it mean to actually say Love is Kind? 

One of the proofs of love is kindness; your ability to be deliberately fair, generous and sweet with your partner. To be kind is to engage daily in activities that bring smiles to the face of the other person.

Kind in speech

By nature, you may be a blunt person who speaks his mind even when it hurts the other person. Being kind is enough to recognise that there are a hundred other ways of saying ‘you are terrible’ without hurting your partner. Love would say ‘you have not been performing at your best lately, how can I be of help’ instead of saying ‘you have been really terrible lately and it really needs to stop’. To say you love a person is to be kind to them with your words even when they are hurting you.


Kind in gestures

To be kind is to be helpful, generous and thoughtful (thinking about the other person). It is this kindness that makes you open the door for the other person to go through. When we say Love is Kind, we are saying be of help to the other person when they ask for it and when they don’t. Think of the other person. And consider their feelings first before you act. Even when you disagree with their feelings, respect their feelings because we are all at different levels in life. 

So, as a man or a woman, you must ask yourself if you have been practising the right kind of love. You must answer these questions.

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Love is Kind Questions:

Have you been the kindest husband or wife in every area? 

Have you spoken kindly to her/him?

Have you considered his/her feeling before you act? 


Have you been extremely generous with your time, money and gestures with him/her?

Have you always make decisions that favour the other person (according to the other person) and not according to you? 

If you can say YES affirmatively to these questions and your partner can say the same, we can safely conclude that you know what it means!

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