True Love series: What it means to say Love Does Not Envy

True Love series What it means to say Love Does Not Envy

True Love series: What it means to say Love Does Not Envy

Everybody is in love these days but are they truly in love? We have all agreed that Love Does Not Envy but how come people who are supposedly in love kill each other or envy get jealous of each other? 

When they say love does not envy, it means you love your spouse whether they are doing better than you or not. You even love them more when they are doing better than you. 

Life is not a competition 

It should be your joy that your spouse is getting ahead in life. When you find yourself sad that your partner is ahead and you are not, that is enviness, and it is not love. It is one of the ways to stiphon your love and make you hostile to your partner. 

When we say Love Does Not Envy, we are saying that you will happy for your spouse’s progress. You will not immediately launch into a competition to get ahead of your spouse. You will celebrate your spouse and even help them achieve more. 

Deliberate praise of your partner

Love does not envy philosophy should make you praise your spouse when they do worthwhile things and make great strides. It must not only be done in public but done more in private. Your spouse must always believe that you have their back and you are comfortable in your own skin. 

The world often pitches couples together making one of them believe that it is wrong for the woman to be ahead of the man. It is a lie you must not believe. Our path are different in life and our time are not the same. When it’s your partners time, be there for them. And when your time comes, he or she will celebrate you as well. 

In conclusion 

This is how Google defines ENVY:

“a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck”

Definition of ENVY according to Google.

When you feel discontented, sit back and remind yourself that when your partner prospers, you are actually also prospering because you are one. 

In case the feeling of resentment comes on you, draw your part we close and reassure him/her of your love and support. 

What people get envious of are ‘other people’s’ things. Instead, support them and be motivated to do your own thing. 

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