My Brother’s Friend Is My True Love {Anonymous letters}

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Before I fell in love with Tolu, I used to think love was an exaggerated concept.

I genuinely used to believe that the heart flutters and butterflies that some people associated with true love is a lie.

I fell in love with him and finally understood what everybody meant.

True love

Tolu has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up with him and I can’t remember how or when we met exactly.

Tolu was my brother’s friend and I don’t remember  noticing him much until my birthday party.

On my birthday, he came over earlier than every other person and so i decided to keep him company out of pure courtesy.

We both hung out for a bit in the living room. At first it was awkward but as conversation grew, I stated to truly enjoy myself.

That was the first time I remember having an actual conversation with him. I was awed by his eloquence and brilliance. He seemed to know the answer to all the questions I asked and he seemed to ask the right questions.

I also noticed for the first time how full his lips were. How perfectly carved his eyebrows were and the slight dimples in his cheeks.


I had never noticed him quite like that before.

It both scared and excited me.

When my party eventually began in full swing and everyone was present, I couldn’t seem to keep  my eyes off from him even with the crowd of people present. I tried my best but I just couldn’t.

It was like I was noticing him for the first time.

On occasions when I would turn my eyes away, I would feel his stare on me and m heart would start beating a little too quickly.

I don’t know what was so different about my birthday party, but there was an undeniable chemistry and tension that existed between us.

We both exchanged numbers and proceeded to speak almost every day.  We would talk for long hours, running out of airtime every single night.

2 weeks after we had started talking, he asked me out and I said Yes.

Being in a relationship with Tolu is for sure one of the best highlights of my life. Even now after all these years of us being together, I still look at him and my breath gets stuck in the back of my throat.

He still excites me in all the ways he used to.

Before Tolu came into my life, I had been in several relationships and I genuinely thought I knew what love meant. How wrong I was!

Loving feels so different. I had never experienced love quite like that. It definitely feels like true love.

Being with him, I cannot imagine being with any other person. In so many ways he complements me. He calms me. And he supports me.

Loving him is not chaotic mess I normally associate with love, but a gently soothing peace. A true love’s peace.

When I think of my future, I always see Tolu in all of them.

With a doubt, without missing a beat, I am positive know that Tolu is my one true love.

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