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Pastor's Take On Love

What Love Means To A Man And Woman… Apostle Joshua Selman



Love for a man simply means purpose and respect. When you tell a man you love him, it’s not so much of the emotional dimension, it is a sense of respect. Words don’t mean much to men, it’s the action. Many men do not know what love is to them because they don’t understand the image of the dimension of God they are serving. Love means respect and honour and that’s why the Bible says; husbands love your wives and the wife should submit. 

Why Do You Think Wives Were Asked To Submit?

The best of a Man in any family is when the wife submits. Men respect those above them, they love those below them and they fight those who claim equality with them. It is a design. 

For a Lady Love Means Two Things

1. Time


2. Maximum Care And Attention: The capacity to satisfy their emotional and psychological needs.

When a lady asks if you love her, she also asks if you have time and you’ll give her attention but a man who’s asking is seeking respect and submission. Apostle Selman said that it is one of the reasons relationships do not last. He said it’s not necessarily because they are not created from the image of God but because they don’t know the direction of God’s image.  

A great woman will never compare her man with other men because they were all designed to win.


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