When You See These Signs, Your Long Distance Relationship Is On The Right Track

Being in a long-distance relationship is an exercise that you need to keep up with. Once you see these signs, relax and know you are on the right track. 

1. You Trust Each Other: The trust has to be coming from both parties, not one. Jealousy is very normal and it’s a human emotion. There’s a difference between when you feel it and when you act on it. It’s ok to feel jealous because there will be nights when they tell you they are at the bar or the club or they might even be this really pretty lady in his office, it ok to feel jealous but don’t always act on it. They may have moved into a new town and they are making new friends, you start to feel insecure and you think you can be replaced. It’s fine, allow yourself to feel that way and then let it go.

When You See These Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is On The Right Track

When you accuse your partner of cheating without any evidence or just based on assumption is an insult to them and the love they have for you. Once you both trust each other, your relationship is already on solid rock.

2. Every Visit Feels Priceless: This is a green sign. You both only get to see a few times, so once you are visiting, it’s like the world is spinning around your head. Even though leaving apart can be lonely sometimes, one of the benefits is that there’s always this unique joy when you go visiting. It’s priceless. For couples who met on the internet, it even takes some of them a year to meet face to face for the first time. Can you imagine the amount of joy they’ll feel?

When You See These Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is On The Right Track

It’s also a very good opportunity to go on vacations, trips, visit that restaurant you have been wanting to visit, go to see that movie you wanted to see, and so many other fun things. The weekends and short trips are reminders of why you chose to be in that relationship and fight for it.

3. You Can Settle Arguments Amicably: Arguments are bound to occur due to misunderstanding, third parties and problems that may surface later. Nobody has a problem, it is only normal so the way forward is to settle, Right? One of the ways you can settle arguments is to communicate how you feel.

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We can write articles all day on how to have a healthy long-distance relationship and how to solve conflicts but the easiest way is still to speak to your partner plainly and direct. Let them know how you feel about what they did or what they are about to do.

4. They Let You Be You: This is because they trust you, they give you the space you need and let you have time for yourself. We know you are in a long-distance relationship and we know we advised you to communicate consistently but don’t kill them with too much communication. It will look more like you are investigating and no longer checking up. Doing this shows you don’t trust the person as much as you should.

When You See These Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is On The Right Track

It is very important to practice self-love and to find other things that excite you apart from your partner. Without your friends, families, activities and interests, you’ll begin to feel trapped in that relationship and that’s not something you want to feel, trust me. Having your’ me’ time, developing yourself and practising self-care makes you a better person and also a better partner. Your relationship shouldn’t change your personality. Yes, your partners can rub off on you but it should be positive. Hang out with friends, read books, and take courses that help in personal development.

You can tell your partner about it so he/she knows. All you just need to learn is balance. How to know your place as a person and how to know your place as a partner. Once you both can give each other an amount of space, then your relationship is on the right track.

5. You Are Both Satisfied: Even though your partner is a thousand miles away from you, you don’t feel empty instead you feel satisfaction. That’s how it should feel like. Your partner is your resting place. Some days, you’ll miss them so badly more than on other days and it can be hard. But as long as you are focused and satisfied, you are going to get over it in no time. You know that it’s just a matter of time and eventually, you will be together.

It’s not easy to be away from the person you love but keep your eyes on the prize, you have a goal. You haven’t come this far to give up now.

When You See These Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is On The Right Track









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