When You Should Let Go Of Your Long Distance Relationship

It is not the easiest thing being in a long distance relationship but if you really put in the work, time and efforts into your long distance relationship you can make it work.

Sometimes, however, just like every other  normal relationship, there are moments when you should be able to tell yourself it’s time to walk away.

Especially when your long distance relationship starts feeling different and like a chore. There is no need continuing in a situation that does not work for you anymore.

These are some signs that your long distance relationship isn’t working out anymore and your signal to walk away.

You feel sad all the time

Long distance relationship

A very clear sign that a particular situation isn’t t working out anymore is when it begins to make you feel unhappy on a consistent basis. A relationship shouldn’t be the reason for your sadness. It’s okay to have moments of sadness or anger in your relationship, it makes you human. But when it’s on a constant basis, then you need to leave that situation.

Your long distance relationship making you feel sadness could be a signal from your mind that you are exhausted with the situation of things and desire something different. You should always listen to your emotions and feelings at every stage of your relationship. If you chose to ignore your feelings, things could spiral out of control and lead to a decline in your mental health, so, always treat your feelings serious.

Forced Conversations

Long distance relationship

Are your conversations with your long distance partner starting to feel forced? Are there awkward long silences on the phone that did not exist before? If you find yourself forcing conversations this could be a sign that the chemistry is dead.

When two people are still in love with each other they always find things to talk about and there are no awkward silences. You will always feel excited to talk to you partner if you’re in love with them and committed fully to the relationship, if you find yourself not missing them enough to want to talk to them for long moments, then you could be losing feelings for them.

You have outgrown them

Sometimes, as sad as it might sound, you can outgrow your partner and Vice versa. It’s a normal thing to outgrow people or things and even situations that do not necessarily serve us anymore.

Perhaps, at one point, they were what what you wanted but with the distance, you both have lost touch of what the attraction was in the first place and maybe have grown out of it.

It’s normal to feel that way and you should always acknowledge your feelings.

Be truthful to your partner and if you suspect that it is the other way round, then ask your partner for his honesty.

The most important thing is that you are vocal about your feelings and how you’re feeling with your partner. If you have outgrown your partner, then do not stay with them out of pity . Do yourself and do them a favor too by breaking things off.

You are fighting all the time

Are you fighting all the time with your long distance partner? Are you blocking and unblocking each other? Are you ending calls out of anger? If you’re beginning to fight all the time with with your long distance partner, then this could be a sign that the pressure of being in that relationship is taking its toll on you both mentally.

It’s not easy being in a long distance relationship and there are certain moments when it is even harder to continue to indulge in it.

You should first take a break from each other, during the break if you’re able to find some sort of peace or closure without your partner, then that it is a clear sign that you should leave the relationship.

You have a gut feeling that it will lead nowhere

Feeling like you are having your time wasted is a constant feeling associated with most long distance relationships. This is because you do not know what your partner is up to when they’re not talking to you. For all you know, they could be in a committed relationship with someone else. It’s normal to have those doubts and worries flood your mind and most times they’re our minds playing tricks with us.

But, if you feel a deep seated certainty in your stomach and you feel like it’s communicating to your relationship will not be worth it in the long run, then you should listen to it. You know what they say about gut feelings never lying?Well…you should always trust your gut feelings. There is a reason you’re feeling it In the first place.

These are not the only reason you should contemplate leaving your long distance relationship, but these are for sure the major and more noticeable ones. Remember, it’s never too late to start over with someone else.

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