Simi and the Criteria for the Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Simi and the Criteria for the Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Simi and the Criteria for the Most Beautiful Girl in the World

It was just about this time last year when popular Nigerian singer, Simi performed live on Big Brother Naija 2018 stage. She rocked a skimpy top which revealed that her tummy region does not conform into society standard. It falls into the category which society believes should make you ashamed, hide or desperately make you feel inadequate and not good enough.

Even though, Simi is a celebrity who should be able to get away with any fashion choice unlike many of us who aren’t. The mob still came for her. They told her she should hide her tummy, her scars because she is not beautiful. This is where many women need to start thinking deeply about this concept of beauty according to societal standard.


Have you ever thought about it? Who sets the criteria for the most beautiful girl in the world? What about the most beautiful girl in Nigeria? A set of people sat down and drafted some guidelines which determined what we all call ‘pretty and beautiful’. Hollywood projected these features and you accepted them as standard.

You now see the pictures and videos of people with these features and you compare yourself to them. As a result, you can authoritatively confirm that you are not beautiful, not because you are not but because by their features, you are not.

Simi and the Criteria for the Most Beautiful Girl in the World

As I watched the mob come for Simi on her tummy, what I enjoyed was how she refused to be ashamed of her body. She refused to accept the societal standard of beautiful and refused to hide what society describes as flaws.

Beauty is how you see and project yourself. It will never be about Hollywood or Nollywood’s criteria. It is high time you create your own standard and juxtapose it with their standard. Then, you say to yourself, ‘this other person isn’t beautiful because she doesn’t have my features’. Never allow the mob to shame you for how you look anymore. Refuse to conform to their standard instead set your own standard.

Does this mean you shouldn’t appear ‘fit and healthy’? No, it means your standard need to change from what society laid down for you.  Understand this, You are not ugly. You are not incompetent. And You are ‘not’ not good enough. You are simply suffering from your overfeeding on societal expectations.

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For your happiness, you must set your own guideline and standard and ensure that it is not society-driven. You deserve to be happy. That’s the most important gift you can give yourself. You are free to shame anyone who causes you to lose your happiness because you don’t fit into their standard!

Say after me:

“I am beautiful and lovely

I am the standard of what beauty should be

I have the perfect legs and the sweetest eyes

My nose is God-fearing and my lips are sexy

I am the perfect creation of God

I am beautiful and pretty”

If you believe this, then do us all a favour, walk like it, dress like it, speak like it and be it because that’s who you are. You are what you say that you are. Learn from Simi.

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