COZA: How to beef up ‘sexual security’ around your husbands and boyfriends


Guidance on how to beef up ‘sexual security’ around your husbands and boyfriends (The COZA Example)

We first came across the term sexual security in a series of response to singer Musician Timi Dakolo’s alleged allegations against a Nigerian pastor.

Timi Dakolo took to his Instagram page to share this in a picture text:

“From florin to Abuja to Lagos to Dubai to Port Harcourt to London and any city he visits, your pastor is leaving a trail of broken women, sexually abused and mentally strangled. From Avalanche to Gratitude, from Pastoral Care Unit to Host and Hostesses, from witty Inventions to Hospitality Unit. They are found in every department in that Church. He hand picks his victims and ruins them”. 

“So none of you wonder why a dedicated church worker or leader stop coming to church and don’t want to talk about it. Suddenly rumors start flying around the person being evil, I will tell you all straight up, all your branch pastors know about this evil going on for years and are part of it.” 

“Some of the victims they will threaten some they will pay off and some they will spur by isolating from the Church Members. Oga Criminal Lawyer always ready to do the dirty work behind the scenes just to drown the truth. Dear Church Members, try and find these ladies and men to hear their side of the truth before crucifying them or branding them evil. Trust me, their side of the story will SHOCK YOU.”

“Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm? They have used that line to scam us well well. How we carefully uproot a scripture and give it an interpretation that soothes us without actually knowing the context with which it was said. Both the congregation and the pastor are very much anointed. Jesus did not die two separate death. One for the pastor and another for the congregation. The House of God is a place of prayer not a den of thieves.”


There are speculations that the message was allegedly directed at Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Common Wealth Assembly (COZA).

As many people gave their contributions to the vital story, our eye caught this one from a Twitter user.

“My COZA friend admitted they known their pastor did it. But ever since then, their mummy GO has beefed up sexual security around her husband, and personally screens all the women that work close to her husband. So all is well now” – @MrJemba said.

One of Twitter’s foremost thought leaders, Dr Ola Brown (Orekunrin) gave the reply that inspired us to write this post.

“We need to further guidance on how we can beef up ‘sexual security’ around our ozzbands, boyfriends, and partners” – @NaijaFlyingDr said.

Whether the allegations are true or not is not the crux of this post but we thought it would be a great idea to share how women who suspect or have caught their partners violating their vows, can beef up ‘sexual security’ around their men. 

Ban Female PAs and Female Caregivers

When your man lacks sexual discretion and you cannot do the honourable thing of leaving him, please ban every female personal assistants and possible staff members. We are afraid that should your man be an employee, you may have to work to ensure he’s sacked because his organization won’t sack the ladies for him. Don’t forget not to ever have a maid.

Follow Him Everywhere

Since you now have no work and you have employed yourself as the Chief Sexual Security Officer of your man. You may as well become his PA or should we call it handbag. Ensure he talks and meets only females. All handshakes must be reserved for the men only.

Password His Phone

Since you are Hus chief security aid, you must be the one to set up password for Hus phone. Please note that it must be a difficult password. He cannot have access to it only when you want him to. That’s the only way to keep him away from requesting for nudes or asking one of these ‘danger specie’ to come over.

Share Joint Bank Account Only

To fully beef up sexual security around your man, he must never be allowed to own an individual bank account. If he does, your phone number and email must be registered on it. That way you can monitor every time he withdraws or pays for hotel accommodation. Every time he buys an expensive gift that you didn’t receive. It’s a perfect way to beef up security around him and give yourself hypertension in the process.

Go for Plastic Surgery

Yes, what are you waiting for? You are no longer as beautiful as you were before he married you. You are now too big or your breast is now saggy from breastfeeding or too much stress in the kitchen. He was the one you were trying to serve and please but all you did was send him to these dangerous species called women. You need to go under the knife and probably die in the process for him so that you can make way for him to fully continue to service these girls without guilt.

We know you get the point but in case you don’t, read our conclusion carefully.

In Conclusion

There is no security you can beef up around a man who has chosen to break his marital vows to you. No security can stop him. When women are told to work on saving their marriage, they must also be told that it takes two to tangle. The marriage that can be saved is the one both of you are ready to save. If only one person is committed to the saving, it ‘may’ work but it will be very long and high negative consequences on the individual.

No one is worth losing your happiness over. If he is a perpetual cheat, he needs psychological help; even if he is a pastor in a Commonwealth church. Don’t beef up any sexual security nonsense because he’s cheating. If there’s a job like that, it is not for you but for him.

For all the men out there whether you attend COZA or Zion
assembly, whether you are Pastor Fatoyinbo or Pastor Biodun, there is only one
language emotions understand, it is not anointing, nether is it spiritual
gymnastics, it is caution. 

If you throw caution away, no matter your level of spirituality or lack of it, you will fall like the mortal man that you are.

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