21 Ways You Can INVEST in YOURSELF to Make Your Marriage or Love Life PHENOMENALLY GLORIOUS #InvestSeries

Make Your Marriage or Love Life PHENOMENALLY GLORIOUS

21 Ways You Can INVEST in YOURSELF to Make Your Marriage or Love Life PHENOMENALLY GLORIOUS

Make Your Marriage or Love Life PHENOMENALLY GLORIOUS

All our lives, we have been told that for us to have a successful marriage, we must be ready to INVEST in our partner.

Husbands are encouraged to sacrifice for their wives; wives are encouraged to respect and honour their husbands. Even before-marriage relationships are not spared, the need to satisfy the other person is constantly being hammered on.

Most of this advice has not worked as it should due to its centricity on another person other than the individual carrying out the action.

You can choose to sacrifice and love your spouse, what if they respond with hate and hurt?

It is possible for you to satisfy your partner and achieve peace but at your own personal hurt and detriment isn’t it?

When we push the individuals in a relationship to focus on the other person ALL THE TIME, what we get is a partly satisfied partner and the other resentful partner. This is not the right way to do it. You need to flip the coin.

In this series, I want to show you how not to sacrifice or invest in your partner but at least 22 ways you can focus on you that will make your marriage or love life phenomenally glorious.

Partners don’t fall in love with your acts of sacrifice or investment in them but the person you are or becoming. This is why it is unwise to focus on satisfying your partner all of the time.

If you are ready, let me quickly run through the 22 ways you can start to INVEST IN YOURSELF to make your marriage or love life phenomenally glorious:

  1. Become a Good Listener
  2. Be kind with your words and action always
  3. Stop taking revenge
  4. Show respect by seeking your partner’s consent at all times
  5. Learn how to satisfy your partner in bed
  6. Earn an income and be a good money manager
  7. Get rid of anger and forgive in advance
  8. Develop quality friendship that inspires your partner the ones that make him/her hiss
  9. Have your own side project or serve on your partner’s own as though it’s yours
  10. Be the giver at all times in your marriage
  11. Pamper yourself (take yourself out, do what you love, enjoy life)
  12. Look good. Invest in your personal fashion and beauty
  13. Deal with your emotional baggage
  14. Develop or acquire emotional intelligence
  15. Leave your past in the past
  16. Have health insurance and eat healthily
  17. Develop self-control in all areas especially with anyone who’s not your spouse
  18. Have other friends apart from your spouse
  19. Build a large bank of patience and use it at all times
  20. Save regularly, have some investments in your own name and invest in your personal economy
  21. Become dependable intellectually, economically, psychologically, physically, and emotionally.


This is how to truly INVEST in YOU. When you do, you gain confidence that helps you become the most desirable spouse and build a truly enviable marriage.

I will break each of these ways down and help you understand how each one actually leads to INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF and possibly offer steps to achieving each one and investing in yourself in this series.

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