Building a Rock Solid Marriage Using the Robot Model

Building a Rock Solid Marriage Using the Robot Model

Building a Rock Solid Marriage Using the Robot Model

Oftentimes, we ascribe problems in relationships to activities and occurrences. These are some of the activities and occurrences we attribute our problems to:

‘our sex life is terrible’

‘we don’t talk’

‘we are broke’

‘he/she is not even trying’.

We blame everything and everyone. That’s typical human nature. However, we need to understand the fundamentals of a marriage and how to build a rock solid one.

Marriage is not a Robot!

A robot can be programmed to act and behave in a certain way. It can be programmed to respond in certain ways to certain commands. If marriages were robots, we would all choose our specs carefully before marriage. Many people would choose a robot that would heed their voice without wavering, all of the time. This shows us the selfishness of human nature.

The Programming Behind Your Robot

Every human in the world can be likened to robots with commands and programming. Just like a robot can be programmed to give water when you press W, so also a human being can be programmed to get angry and misbehave when you make him or her feel uncomfortable.

What we have now is a case of many robot male and female but with the wrong programming and command. Hence, the wrong results in life and relationships.

This is the real problem of Relationships and Marriages

The problem of relationships and marriages are problems of Personalities! Personalities, who have been programmed to operate and respond in certain ways during a certain situation. A personality that responds with revenge instead of love; a personality that responds with looseness instead of self-restraint and a personality that responds with hurt instead of kindness. I can go on but I believe you get the point.

Two Kinds of Human Robots

At the moment, we have two kinds of human robots – the deficient one and the ideal/sufficient one! Sadly, most of us are already deficient because we all had a rather unpleasant upbringing.

When two deficient people (non-High-Value Individuals) marry, they produce a deficient relationship or marriage. When two Ideal/sufficient people (High-Value Individuals) marry, they produce a beneficial, happy and long-lasting relationship or marriage. 


In essence, only High-Value Partners build a happy and sustainable marriage. These HVPs are personalities that have risen above their deficiencies and are working daily on being the ideal person. Anything other than this will ultimately fail.

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