Relationship Advice For New Couples Part Two

Yeah, so a while ago, I wrote an article on relationship advice for couples who had just started dating, and now I’m writing part two of the article. The fact remains that a lot of us go into a relationship, simply believing that the fact that we love each other is enough for the relationship to thrive, but that is not the case.

The following relationship advice will act as a continuation of the previous article, and the link of the previous will be made available.

Don’t have important conversations while texting.

This may be the most important of all these relationship advice. When it comes to checking-in daily and sending amusing memes to make your partner laugh when they are at work, texting is a modern-day blessing.

For something deeper than making plans or laughing together over viral Tik Toks, texting should not be used. It should always be done in-person to talk about your feelings for one another or get into disagreements.

Texting can not only make you feel uncomfortable in person, but a lot can be lost in translation and cause more confusion. If you sense an argument coming on and you’re in a position where you can’t at least chat on the phone, let your partner know that when you can talk it out together, you’re going to discuss it.

Be yourself

This is often said and not only when it comes to relationships or love, that already speaks for the importance of this phrase. A lot of people try to act ‘chill’ and ‘cool’ at the beginning and pretend to like things they like to keep them interested.

Always be truthful with your likes, dislikes and who you are, don’t be deceptive or secretive. It will not only save you time and heartbreak with those who aren’t the right fit, but it will help the one you need to find you.

Actually, enjoy it

The thing about starting a new relationship is that it’s very tricky. Often, we all want to do our best to keep our partner obsessed with us, and we begin to forget to enjoy the relationship, or we don’t enjoy it because we’re scared they’ll find out something about us that they won’t like as the relationship goes on.

When you have your heart on the line, it’s natural to feel frightened or unwilling to be vulnerable. But don’t forget to enjoy it no matter how scary a new relationship can be. Note all the little moments, do new things together and make sure it’s fun for you.

Don’t stress about labels.

If it’s still unclear where the two of you fall on the relationship scale, it’s not time to panic. Different people move at different speeds, and this also transcends to taking relationship steps, so a slower pace doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re incompatible or that they don’t like you.

You should, however, be clear on whether or not you see other people, and you should know whether you are on the same page to keep things casual or to try for something serious.

Take note of red flags.

If you catch them in a lie, they’re disrespectful to the waitress, or they say a bad thing about a friend, you’ll need to start realizing that it’s not a “one-time thing,” and it’s not going to change anytime soon. Red flags are feeling like an instinct that warns you that something is wrong, so listen to them.

Ignoring red flags will only prolong a relationship’s inevitable failure and make the final breakup harder for you both. Nobody’s perfect; your partner might be judged, and they might make mistakes. You’ll be able to talk it out whether it’s just a decision or error. It’s time to run if it’s more of a gut feeling that this isn’t right,” or if an inexcusable action is more than a mistake.

I conclude with this; love is a wonderful thing, and it’s always good to love and be loved but let’s not get carried away by that sweet feeling that tells us everything is rainbows and sunshine, let’s think before we leap and as your avant-garde writer always is, BE YOU!!!

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