Relationship: How To Know If They’ll Last

Going into a relationship can be very confusing when you have to deal with the worry of whether or not the relationship will work out or not and even for those that have been in the relationship for a while, the fear still comes. Here’s how to know if the person that you’re currently dating could end up as your life partner.

  1. You’re comfortable being yourself around each other.

When a relationship is new and fresh, it is common for people to show only their best sides, hiding their true selves or parts of them they feel their partner might not approve of or find undesirable. However, when you don’t feel the constant urge to impress your partner to earn their love; because you’re already sure the person you’re with likes you; flaws and good side all together; it means your future will be good as a couple.

This also means that you know you can speak up when something happens that bothers you instead of being quiet and enduring or only speaking what you think your partner wants to hear.

  1. You’re always there for one another.

When you say you’re going to call, you call. It gets done when you agree to do something. Your partner knows you can stick to it if you agree to a strategy and vice versa. You know that for things big and small, you can rely on each other.

Consistency is what creates the chance to build trust, which then creates the avenue for intimacy to grow because both partners feel safe and comfortable.

  1. You don’t hide your past.

While you’re not trying to tell all your life story on the first date, it’s a good sign if you’re not afraid to slowly open up to each other once you’re in a relationship. This may mean opening up to any mistake you’ve made or the struggles you’ve been through.

It takes courage, maturity, and inner strength to do this and these are very positive qualities for building a relationship that will last for a long time and will serve you well as you live life together.

  1. You celebrate each other.

Couples who stay together for long always remember to be on the same side. The performance of one partner should not be menacing or bring you to jealousy. For both of you, it is a victory and should be celebrated as such.

  1. You apologize sincerely whenever you do something wrong.

Instead of making flimsy excuses for their actions, two people who know how to take responsibility for their faults are more likely to pass through the tough times without any lingering resentments.

We all make mistakes, say things we don’t mean and can also be selfish; sometimes, the healing act is simply saying ‘I’m sorry’ and mean it. If you have a partner who is willing to say sorry, it’s hard to find, and you should do all you can to keep them.

  1. You’re both good listeners.

Do they act distracted, check Instagram or watch a series over your shoulder while you want to talk to your partner? Or do they keep eye contact, react carefully and remember the things you’re telling them, even the little things like your favourite hair cut or your brother’s age?

You’re able to treat each other with dignity even during tough conversations. Instead of half-listening when formulating your next argument in your head, you genuinely hear your partner out.

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