The Issues Your Partner Has Need To Wait Till You Have Dealt With Yours

When I was still in University, I had feelings for a partner who seemed to have issues a lot. I was always there to help her, now I won’t lie and say I didn’t have issues, but at the time, I was sure I could handle mine and hers, and I did it very successfully, maybe because for her, all she needed was for me to listen and be there. However, there were also times I felt like screaming and telling her you’re not the only one going through stuff, but I didn’t….. ever.

Now, imagine this, you and your partner are tied to a bomb, not a pressure bomb that explodes once you escape, a normal timer bomb, you can’t save him or her until you get yourself free from your binds and that’s how the relationship works, you should always give a 100, you can’t use 50 per cent energy on your own issues and give your partner 50 per cent. You are both expected to give a 100.

So, if you’re in a terrible place, you can’t make your relationship work by fixing all of the problems your partner has and ignoring or neglecting your own problems, it’s never going to work. Learn to live your life with this motto on repeat. You can’t untie someone without getting free of your own binds.

I’m not saying you should be insensitive to their feelings and ignore their problems but fix your issues and be in a position where you can be of the best help before you start helping. Love and light, Wonder………

Here is a link on how to deal with other issues that may arise during the relationship:

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