Trying To Change Each Other Does Not Help, Ask Victony


When you get into a relationship, your first thought might be to change the parts of the other person that you don’t like. However, this might only lead to you pushing your lover away. Helping your lover should be a positive thing in a relationship but not when it gets toxic where fights may occur in distaste in the other person if they do not follow your wishes. More often than not, trying to change the other person might backfire, so take it easy.

‘Space & Time’ by Victony released in 2020 shows the artist seeking space and time from his lovers. He says he doesn’t need love and he would like to go his way. This only goes to show that although a person might love the other, sometimes it’s best to take breaks if the situation becomes too constricting or debilitating but we don’t want that.

Victony is a budding Nigerian artist that recently released ‘Space & Time” with his E.P ‘Saturn’. It is an afro-beats-focused E.P that lays emphasis on the intricacies of people and love.  Also, in the E.P is ‘Maria’ featuring Falz, a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene.

Rather than changing your lover, accommodate him/her, the parts you don’t like, and vice versa. It might be hard at first, yes, but after some time if he/she truly loves you, they’ll notice how you feel about it and try to make changes themselves.

Listen to ‘Space & Time’ HERE: 



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