Adekunle Gold’s Exclusive Points Out Communication In Relationships

Adekunle Gold’s Exclusive, a song on which he collaborates with talented Singer, Olayinka Ehi is a song that talks about the problems a couple has with defining their relationship with multiple lines in the song starting with ‘You said, I thought’ meaning that they didn’t communicate properly.

The song starts with Adekunle Gold revealing that his partner said they should be open and he was fine with it but whenever he talks to other girls, she seems to get angry at withdrawn meaning that an open relationship isn’t for someone like her.

The chorus of the song shows that he keeps asking her if they’re exclusive. If the game; that is playing stage is over and that she can’t be holding on to another guy and still be with him. This song really lets us know that we need to communicate our feelings well and define the relationship if we want to have a lasting, healthy love life.

Adekunle Gold is a Nigerian singer-songwriter that has continues to cement his name in the music industry with every project he releases. His alias ‘AG baby’ can be heard before the beginning of any project he appears in. The 33- year old is married to another talented Nigerian musician with a child. Exclusive was released along with the musician’s ‘Afro Pop Vol.1’ album released earlier in 2020.

Listen to ‘Exclusive’ here:



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