Chike Sheds Light On Infidelity In ‘Insecure’

chike insecure

Infidelity refers to a situation where a person isn’t loyal in his/her relationship and sees other people while still in the relationship. The after effects of infidelity on lovers isn’t a great one. It creates insecurity, doubt, growing distaste, and loss of love in lovers. While it may be an easy thing to do, the effects it has on people we call our loved ones isn’t worth it.

‘Insecure’, a song by the talented Nigerian artist, Chike, sheds light on the effects of infidelity in relationships. It was released in the year 2020 along with an album, ‘Boo of the Booless’.

Chike, the love crooner opens ‘Insecure’ a song on his ‘Boo of the Booless’ album with these lyrics,

“Who are you talking to,

Who is on the phone,

Who are you chatting with,

Who is on the phone,

What are you laughing for,

Who is on the phone”

These lyrics show his insecurity with who his lover has been talking to, meeting with, laughing with and he suspects infidelity. He then crowns it with the chorus of the song where he says he has been cheated on so many times and been broken and as a result can’t trust anyone anymore.

“I’ve been cheated on so many times,

Dem don break me before,

I don’t think that I am normal, normal anymore,

I think I’m insecure”

If you have a person you care about in a romantic way, any signs of infidelity should be far away from your relationship. That is, if you want to foster your love life, steer clear of infidelity.

Take a page out of Chike’s book and listen to ‘Insecure’ from his ‘Boo of the Booless’ project.

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