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Blessing Okoro Reveals Married Women Cheat A Lot



A relationship expert from Nigeria, Blessing Okoro reveals that there is now an increasing rate at which married women are engaging in extra-marital affairs.

She has observed that many women are cheating on their husbands, and this is becoming a serious problem as men are starting to find out.

Blessing has pointed out that some men have even resorted to conducting DNA tests on their children without informing their wives due to their lack of trust.

Blessing has urged women who fall into this category to explain what is happening, as she is worried about the high number of women cheating on their partners.

She has stated that the situation has become so severe that married women are now more promiscuous than single women.


Furthermore, Blessing has noted that many men are aware that their wives are unfaithful, and they are just waiting for an opportunity to catch them red-handed with their younger lovers.

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