3 Important Tips to know before going into marriage

3 Important Tips to know before going into marriage

3 Important Tips to know before going into marriage
3 Important Tips to know before going into marriage

Getting married to the man or woman of your dreams is such a beautiful thing. It is important to know that your wedding which comes with luxury and attention is a one day event but marriage is for a lifetime. There is therefore a need to make proper plans before getting married so as to have a successful marriage.

I have put together 3 important tips you should know before marrying the man or woman of your dreams.


  1. Income

A good source of income is very important for a man or woman going into marriage. Love is sweet but money makes love sweeter. It is important to have a good source of income before going into marriage, to be able to settle some financial problems that may arise before getting married and even after marriage. It is not until you have all the millions in the world, a regular flow of income is very important.


  1. Accommodation

There must be a good accommodation for both individuals that are about to get married. It is good to park into a good house after getting married as you will be having some visitors to celebrate with you even months after you get married. It is also important t to make plans for accommodation for the comfort of you and your partner. Having a comfortable place to lay your head gives you peace of mind.


  1. Spec

Marry the spec of man or woman that you like. Marriage is for a life time which means you will sleep and wake up with that person for the rest of your life. Don’t be in a rush to get married to that man or woman. Make sure that the qualities you admire are what you are seeing in them else you might end up regretting the decision to get married. As a single individual or if you are in a relationship, take your time. There is no prize for the first to get married. It is not a race. Don’t feel pressured. Find your spec. There is a man for every woman and there is a woman for every man.



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