How do you know when you’ve met the one?

The one

How do you know when you’ve met the one?

This is a question that you possibly have in mind at the moment. Or, perhaps, this is a question you’ve thought about in the past.

The truth is that there is no made-up manual for a list of qualities that a (wo)man must have to become what a perfect choice is. And that is because the concept of appropriateness is relative. The one for me is likely not so for you.

Regardless, there are 5 ways you can be almost sure she is the missing rib you’ve been looking for.

1. She constantly checks up

Unless you’re handsome, in her mind, and her taste, a girl will not take to constantly buzzing you. Read that again.

If she texts you, (video) calls you “just to check up and see how your day is going”, it means she’s thinking of you regularly. And with love -most definitely- comes constant thought. 

It’s a green flag. Act.

2. She’s angry at you when you get hurt

Boys/guys/men can be reckless. It is being a male. And if you’re one who engages in any physical sport, often, there’s a huge likelihood that you’ll get hurt.

A girl who is into you will hate that you’re hurt. She will tend to you at first, then warn you against hurting yourself again.

If you do, tell her and she gets angry at you -the good type of anger of course- that’s an indication that she cares much about  your well being. And she hates the thought and sight of you in pain. It’s a great thing.

Open your eyes to the green flag.

3. She cooks for you

Yes. I know the fact that a girl cooks for you doesn’t mean she’s into you. But here’s the kicker: after she’s done cooking, does she eat with you? Does she ask for your comment on the food? Does she create conversations afterwards? Does she complain if you don’t finish the food? Any other soft incidentals in between?

You’ve got the green light before you, bruh!

4. She asks about your future plans

Not all girls are concerned about where you plan to be in the next five years. If she does, she might be the one.

A girl will only ask about your future plans to see where she fits in; to see how she feets in; to see if you’re worthy of her future projection.

If your answer is right and she smiles about it and follows up, that’s a green flag man! She just might be the one!

5. She emphasizes cleanliness for you

Most guys are not as hygienic as their superb dressing outside might suggest. We all know that. But on the contrary, a typical female is neat. If she visits you often and always complains about how unkempt your apartment is, it is probably a good sign that she is the one.

A clean lady always wants a clean man. If she tries to talk you into that, bruv, your green flag is right before you.


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