three things you shouldnt rush in your relationship

three things you shouldnt rush in your relationship

It is always advisable to take things gently and not rush into doing anything in your relationship. Before starting a relationship, it is important to form intriguing friendship and get to know them well before making any big choices or decisions.

Here is a list of three things you shouldn’t rush in your relationship

Don’t Rush Saying “I Love You”

If your partner isn’t quick to say those three little words, they might simply be treating it with the seriousness it warrants. Love is more than a feeling and it must be allowed to grow. Rushing into saying “I love you” can affect the natural growth of the essence of the relationship, it’s like plucking an unripe fruit from the tree, and we know the taste is an unpleasant one. It’s a good thing if you’re with someone who isn’t going to just say it back to you because it is what you want to hear. It’s better to have a partner who says those words back when they are truly sure about you. Give it time and space.

Don’t Rush Moving in Together

Don’t move in together too quickly, or simply because of financial stress, when you make the choice to move in together, you take your relationship to the next level, like it or not. Living together is a big deal, and it doesn’t even guarantee that the relationship will work out well.

“Moving in together creates a lot of pressure for a new relationship, and has extreme consequences if it doesn’t work out. “You could lose thousands of dollars, fight over personal belongings, and get in trouble with landlords, etc., if things go south.” Not good. Not good at all.

I personally won’t encourage anyone to move in with the partner until they are married, occasional visit is okay and some sleepovers. I see it as giving wife/husband benefits when you are not yet married.

Don’t Rush Commitment

“Believe it or not, commitment is the one thing that you should never rush in a relationship,”. Just because you have some extra clothes at your partner’s place doesn’t mean you should be all in right away. “Leaving your toothbrush in someone’s apartment is not the same as leaving your hopes and expectations there.

It merely means that you should take your time before your actions signify that the person you are with is without a doubt the one you envision your future with. Let things happen at their own pace and don’t push anything that may take time. You don’t have to be dating 20 people or be unfaithful by any means. Just don’t make up your mind all the way. Solid foundations come before anything worthwhile can be built. First focus on building your partnership. The rest will follow if it’s meant to be. Rushing exposes you to emotional adultery. It means that you invest your emotions, time, affection, and love on the wrong person.  It means that you are giving away something that is supposed to be exclusive to your future spouse.

It’s not just about being physically pure, but emotionally as well.

Imagine saying “I love you” to so many different partners and then finally saying it on your wedding day to your spouse.

Emotional unfaithfulness diminishes the uniqueness and the special value of the emotions you should be saving for your spouse alone.

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