Attitude that leads to breakup

Attitude that leads to breakup

You’ve probably heard this famous statement before; Attitude is everything. While you may want to dispute that, there’s no way to dispute that attitude plays a vital role in human relationships. I’ll be discussing four attitudes that leads to a breakup.

Dwelling on the past

Attitudes most times stem from past experiences with people, especially the ones you trust. Carrying all that emotion, experience and hurt into a new relationship will affect the kind of attitude that is shown to the partner. That is why it is essential to heal after a breakup before going into another relationship to prevent a carry-over of past experiences.

Bringing past experiences into a new relationship is like a time bomb that will eventually detonate and lead to breakup. It will lead to comparing both the former partner with the new one and it is not a nice experience for the partner in question.

Lack of Communication

Communication is vital at this stage. Not communicating can bring a lot of issues along with it. This is the phase where a lot of talks, discussions, planning need to go into making the relationship work, and without communication these cannot be achieved. It is beyond going to dates and visiting all the fancy places, if proper communication isn’t in place the relationship will eventually crash. A lot of people are fond of saying they are busy and don’t get to spend time with the person they claim to love, that is a master recipe for the failure of the relationship that will end up in heart breaks of might just lead to unfaithful partners.

Communication is key in any relationship.

The “always right” Attitude

Everyone makes mistakes, and it is great strength to admit when you are wrong as opposed to how most people see it as a sign of weakness. This is mostly rampant among the male partners, always feeling that they are always right and whatever they say is final. That kind of attitude will eventually lead to a breakup when the other partner can no longer take it. A relationship is between two people and one shouldn’t feel more superior over the other.

Exhibiting an “always right” kind of attitude either by the male or female partner makes the other person feel less of him/herself. Depreciates the partners self esteem and it makes the relationship turn to dictatorship.


One of the love languages of humans if gifting, and as humans we expect to be appreciated when we go out our way to do something special for someone. It hurts to do something for a friend and not get a “thank you” at the least, let alone the person one calls a partner.

Not showing gratitude for the little things a partner does is an attitude with grave consequences. I believe that if you love someone you will appreciate any little thing the person does for you. Not being appreciative of what your partner does puts too much ideas in their heads about if you truly love them or not. I’ll submit that an attitude of not being grateful is a sign that you don’t really matter to the person.




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