Three things that hurts your partner’s feelings

three things that can hurt your partner's feelings

three things that can hurt your partner's feelings

There are a lot of things that can hurt a person’s feelings and often times some of these are the things people say or do without thinking. Its hard to put into words exactly what it means when someone is hurt, but we all know the feeling. We’ve been there before and we don’t want the person we love to feel the same.
This article is a compilation of five things that hurt a person’s feelings;

1. Saying something mean or hurtful

Your partner can feel hurt when they are insulted, made fun of, or when someone says something mean or hurtful. It makes them feel vulnerable and exposed and the person who says those things doesn’t realize how much it hurts the other person. Sometimes, people might even cry after hearing something mean and hurtful. You should be careful with what you say to your partner because you can’t take it back.

2. Being rejected

People feel hurt when they are rejected by someone they really like or love. It makes them feel inadequate or not good enough. They might also start to doubt themselves and their abilities. Rejection is often one of the things that hurt people a lot. The feeling of rejection feels awful not only when it comes to a romantic relationship but its also common when one is rejected by friends, family members or at work.

3. Breaking promises

You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep. As the saying goes, a promise is a debt and must be kept. Your partner can feel hurt when you break the promises you made to them. It makes them feel they are not important and that the person who broke the promise doesn’t care about them. Its also hard for people to trust someone again after they have broken a promise.

When you love your partner, you should avoid saying things or doing things to hurt their feelings because if you keep hurting them, this can break your relationship.

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