Four signs he is not interested in you

signs he is not interested in you

signs he is not interested in you

Do you think you have a special connection with your partner, maybe you feel that everything is fine and that you both want the same thing because he or she has told you so or that is what you have wanted to hear and understand. The truth is if he tells you a lot and shows little, it is clear that there is no love connection between you. Before you end up heartbroken, it is important to define your relationship well enough and walk away if its not what you want

Here is a compilation of four signs he is not interested in you

  1. He is not there when you need him

If your man who loves you unconditionally he will be there for you through the good times and the bad times. If you notice that you only exist in his life when he needs something from you, he never has time for you or doesn’t spend quality time with you then he is not interested in you.

  1. You feel you have to change

This simply means that when you are around him, you need to become another woman or be less like you in order to please him or be okay with him. If he is demanding that you change to be with him then there is no connection and he doesn’t love you like you think he does

  1. His words don’t match his actions

He says a lot but show you little. He tells you how he feels about you and things he wants to do to make you feel special but doesn’t do them. Maybe he has even contradicted himself on more than one occasion and shown you that he doesn’t love you as much as he says he does.

  1. He doesn’t pay attention to you

A man who is crazy about you will show you so much love and attention.  He will notice everything about you down to your mood, your dress, your hair and so much more. If his attention is always divided and he doesn’t shower you with his attention then he is not interested in you.





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