Five ways to be the type of woman your man is afraid to lose

five ways to be the type of woman your man is afraid to lose

five ways to be the type of woman your man is afraid to lose

To be in a relationship where your man loves you and knows your worth is something beautiful. You do not have to overdo things for your man to love you unconditionally. All it takes is to become the best version of you with each day that passes by. But if you feel insecure in your relationship and you are scared your man doesn’t value you then this article is for you

This article is focused on five ways to be the type of woman your man is afraid to lose.

  1. Know your worth

There is nothing as attractive as knowing your worth as a woman. You need to be self-assured enough to realize that you don’t have to be anything less to maintain a man. True gentlemen do not seek to bring you down; rather they seek to meet you where you are. Keep in mind that you are really important. Stand up for yourself and don’t let anyone treat you badly or less than you deserve. When you understand your worth, you will realize that any man who has you is fortunate. Know what you are worth and don’t settle for anything less.

  1. Be respectful

As a woman, you must constantly respect your man in any situation you find yourself in, including his family, company and coworkers. That will encourage him to take you out with him on a regular basis so that his friends and family may see that you are a respectful lady, therefore as a woman, always respect everything that concerns him.

  1. Add value by bringing something to the table

No rational man wants a woman who is constantly demanding and rarely contributes. While a man may be with you solely because he loves you, that is not always the case. Men are attracted to women who offer something to the table, women who contribute value to their lives in some way such as providing helpful counsel, making job ideas, or having a wonderful sense of humor that makes him laugh heartily.

  1. Prioritize yourself

Many women place the guy first and foremost in their lives. This should not be done. Continue to focus on yourself on looking your best, feeling your best and prioritizing your needs. You are just setting yourself up to be taken for granted and walked all over if you worship the person. He will be afraid of losing you if you are at your best because he knows how magnetic you are and that other guys will be drawn to you, so he will have to improve his game

  1. Use your walking power

Walking power is a concept used to describe a mindset that allows you to walk away from a situation if it isn’t working for you. It is an attitude that says, “I am perfectly happy walking away if this guy doesn’t treat me the way I deserve to be treated.” This is a very different  mindset than most women, who cling to their man for dear life and do anything to keep the relationship going because they are afraid of losing him.


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