When You’re Ready And The One You Love Is Not, What Happens? Ask Cavemen


Unfortunately, the love life we want Is sometimes not the one we get. As much as love is beautiful, some persons just aren’t ready for relationships and would rather have casual flings or whatever else. What happens when an unknowing lover comes along and falls for someone that isn’t ready? He/she tries all sorts to get the other to acknowledge his/her feelings.

Join in as the sensational Cavemen, a band founded by two brothers, Kingsley Okorie and Benjamin James, try to change the mind of ‘Ifeoma’ who says she isn’t ready for love by confessing the extent of their love in ‘Ifeoma Odoo’.

“I want you to be my one and only,

You say you never ready at all,

I promise to never leave you lonely o,

Abi you think say I dey lie”

These lyrics highlight the cavemen trying to change the mind of Ifeoma, the muse as she says she isn’t ready at all. So don’t relent in your pursuit of love, if you think there’s still hope for you, go for it.

The Cavemen are an Afrocentric influenced band that has been on the rise since the beginning of the year 2020. They have garnered musical presence by releasing highlife records but finally cemented their position by releasing an album titled ‘Roots’. ‘Roots’ offers a wide range of highlife bops that could be played in any scenario, in a disco, while night driving, even just to clear one’s head by connecting with some kindred highlife spirits.

So, take a page out of Cavemen’s highlife books and make the one who has captured your heart acknowledge you.

Listen to ‘Ifeoma Odoo’ below:




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