Need Motivation & Tired of Being On The “Streets”? Listen to Veeiye’s “Show”

Vee Show

A lot of people can relate to being on the “streets” and taking a break from relationships, but now you’re tired of being in the “streets” and are finally ready but need motivation? Listen to Veeiye’s ‘Show’ to get the motivation you need.

Several people stay out of relationships for various reasons, ranging from lack of trust, fear of betrayal, or even financial reasons. But then no man or woman is an island, eventually, we’d all have to settle down and build a love life we value with someone.

It comes as a shock that the ‘Big Brother Naija’ star, popularly known as Vee, is the lyrical genius behind ‘Show’, a song that speaks about how the musician is tired of being stiff and is in the mood to get loose. She narrates how she has been in the “streets” for a long time and has ignored lots of advances from different men but is in the mood to settle down with this particular person.

Veeiye opens up ‘Show’ with these lyrics;

“I’m in the mood to get loose,

Omo na riddim and blues,

That’s why my waste make me rock it better”

“Cos I don tey for street tire,

And many boys don toast me tire,

Nobody do me corner corner,

Nobody baby but you”

When you feel you’re ready to leave the “Streets” and want to find your own love life, listen to “Show” to get that motivation.






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