What To Do When You Can’t Speak About Your Love

the words

It’s a festive season, and as a result, love is in the air. Love here might not be in a romantic way but love for one another nonetheless. Love you give to your family, your close friends, and all those you consider special to you in some way. Most times, we don’t know how to put our love into words even if we really do love the people we say we do. Thankfully, actions speak louder than words, and people some understand that. That is, being there when they need you, offering help when you can, staying when everyone leaves and other little acts to reinsure him/her that you really do care.

‘The Words’ by DJ Kent featuring Jethro Trait released in 2018, highlights loving someone and not being to communicate enough that you do and this creates doubt and worry in them.

Words to focus on in ‘The words’ are;

“I’m not too good at speaking but uuu,

I promise it has meaning,

I want you to believe it,

I never keep it secret,

I love you and mean it,

You can trust me when I say the words,

I love you and mean it”

DJ Kent is a South African Musical artist that has built his presence in South Africa ad globally by being nominated for prestigious awards and also winning some. Such as, South African Music Award for Best Remix of the year, MTV Africa Music Award for Song of the Year, and lots more.

Dear reader, in light of the festive season, catch a piece of advice from DJ Kent about love and let your actions speak louder than your words still.

 Watch ‘The Words’ below:


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