Whoisakin Talks About Shortlived Relationships In ‘Magic’


Two people get into relationships emotionally stable but only one comes out stable. That is the case of modern-day relationships. In every relationship, one person loves the other more, and is either scared to show it or eventually does and gets taken advantage of.

Whoisakin in ‘Magic’ featuring Olayinka Ehi, sings about being left alone in the relationship by his lover. After baring his feelings to her, she reminds him of how it was a fantasy and she’s on her way out, not needing him. Olayinka Ehi supports him by asking to take some space from her own lover and how she wants to be let go.

Akinola Emmanuel Anuoluwapo opens ‘Magic’with;

“You said you’ll never leave and then you leave

Girl I’m so stupid

For believing you

And then you said we had some moments”

“You was a devil in disguise”

‘Magic’ was released earlier in 2020 along with the Full Moon Weekends E.P by ‘Whoisakin’ who maintains an anonymous face on his social media. This has geared people towards his R&B/Soul vibe.

Listen to ‘Magic’ and the Full Moon Weekend E.P now.



Watch ‘Magic’ Animated Video here:


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