True Love series: Love Does Not Delight in Evil

True Love series Love Does Not Delight in Evil

True Love series: Love Does Not Delight in Evil

When love gets to the point where you are rooting for your partner to fail and you are rejoicing at their failures, it’s no longer love. 

One of the ways to know if what you have is true is that your Love, with that of your spouse, does not delight in evil. When love does not delight in evil befalling each other, it is proof that you are a correct human being.

There are many ways lovers delight in the evil that befalls their partner without knowing. 

I told you so syndrome 

Sometimes, you have a better understanding of something and can predict its outcome. So, as a good lover, you inform your partner of the danger ahead. However, your partner continues on their path without heeding your counsel. Then, what you predicted suddenly happens. They are sad but within you, you don’t feel sorry for them. Because you told them so before and they refuse to listen to you. This is not how to practice true love.

True love gives the opportunity for people to be themselves, make their decisions and make their own mistakes. Once you take away the power of choice away from someone, they become a zombie. So, allow them to make their mistakes and lovingly tell them you will always love them regardless. They will be the one to say ‘you told me so’. 

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Love does not want to see his lover fail

In other case, your partner may have hurt you in some ways which they may or may not be aware of. You are patiently waiting for them to fail so that you can be justified or be happy. The failure of your partner should actually be your failure. Their success should be your success. When you want to see your partner fail, it is an indication that your love delights in evil and true love does not delight in evil. 

Empathy must be your second name everytime

You must be armed with the ability to love and empathise with your partner. This empathy must be observed whether your partner ‘deserves’ it or not. Whether you have warned them in advance or not, you must show enough care and empathy. 

In conclusion

In a marriage sometimes you hear one person say why will you not be broke when you are busy spending money as if your father is Bill Gates. Sometimes, this kind of statements is made as correction and with love. However, true love does not delight in evil. True love will empathise first and offer help. Afterwards, true love can now say ‘babe, you know we could have avoided that situation if we manage our finances better?’

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