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True Love series: Love keeps no record of wrongs



True Love series Love keeps no record of wrongs

True Love series: Love keeps no record of wrongs

One of the fastest ways to kill true love is to keep records of wrongs. The other day I was asking my partner about the times we were not in good terms and what was responsible. Funnily, she doesn’t remember and I don’t as well. It’s as though we have never had a dispute but we actually do. The difference is that we don’t keep a record of them. We let it go as soon as we resolve the issue at hand. 

This is what is wrong with many love relationships today. The man is keeping score and the woman is keeping the same. If you walk into a counselling room now, you will hear tales of hurt both lovers have suffered from each other’s hands. These tales may have happened in another home while they resolve it and forget it. But in this other home, they store the tales, brood over it till it becomes the pain they can’t let go.

Words and actions of other people are only as powerful as we let them. 


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Let it go

How many issues do you want to keep a record of? When we keep record of wrongs without finding true healing, we are giving room for sicknesses to take over our body. It has been proven that those who carry heavy burdens in their minds never get to enjoy sound health. If not for anything, for your health, let issues go. 

I’m not asking you not to discuss and resolve.  Asking you to resolvr and never let it come up in discussions again. 

Practice forgiveness

One of the fundamental reasons why people keep records of wrongs is so that they can avenge when they get the opportunity. It is this same thing that drives a person to kill their lover while asleep. When you harbour so much hurt and pain, you will eventually take it out somehow on someone. 

Why not practice true forgiveness. True forgiveness is when you truly let go after the matter has been resolved. It is forgetting about it as though it never existed. 

Keep record of the good times 

Furthermore on this love keeps no record of wrongs, I encourage you to do the opposite of keeping a record of wrongs. Instead, keep the record of the good times. Let your diary be filled with happy thoughts and happy moments. When you feel wronged, open your book of records and remember the good times you shared, the good things they said and the sweet memories. This will make you do whatever it takes to resolve the present wrong amicably. 


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A relationship without wrongs is not on earth

There is no union where lovers don’t ‘wrong’ each other. As far as I know, such does not exist on earth. If it does, one or both of the couples have to be angels. I believe even Angels wrong each other. So, you need to expect that your partner will wrong you. However, you must ensure not to keep records of them. Instead, deal with the issues appropriately, apologise and accept apologies where necessary. This is what it means to practice true love because true love keeps no record of wrongs.

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