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Top 13 Relationship Myths You Should Drop



Relationship Myths


Relationship MythsRelationships differ with persons. No two relationships are meant to be the same. For those of us that get our idea of how relationships work from television drama and stories that fly around, we need to remember that Television drama is mostly fictional and not all stories are true or complete. Holding on to some of that knowledge or expectation can be damaging to your existing or future relationships. That’s why there’s a need to bust these popular relationship myths. Here Are the Top 13 Relationship Myths You Should Drop:

1) Myth: Jealousy is a sign of true love.

Fact: Jealousy shows how secure and confident you are with yourself and your relationship. A better thing to do is your work on your insecurity issues or help your partner attain more self-confidence.

2) Myth: Fighting never happens in healthy relationships.

Fact: The truth is, what ruins relationships is not resolving your fights. Fights can be healthy, and an important form of communication. Violence-free conflicts should be seen as an opportunity to learn more about your partner and how you can work together as a team.

3) Myth: Having a baby can save your relationship.

Fact: Too often, couples seem to think that a baby will change everything for the better, erase all issues, create a new atmosphere and push the relationship toward happily ever after. In the actual sense, having a baby will most time worsen and aggravate any existing relationship problems.

4) Myth: There should be no secrets in relationships.

Fact: Honesty remains the best policy. In a healthy relationship, there should be no space for lies and deceit, but you don’t have to share every single detail and all your thoughts. Everyone should have the Right to Privacy, even in marriage.

5) Myth: You need to be 100% sure before you get married.

Fact: Nobody is ever 100% sure about anything. There must always be doubts.  There’s this idea that cold feet are a sign of a problem or that doubting your engagement means you shouldn’t get married, but most often, these hesitations and nerves are 100% okay.

6) Myth: Your partner can satisfy all your needs.

Fact: A person should not be the answer to all our problems. It is an enormous ask of any one person, especially your partner.  Instead of adding strain and unrealistic expectations to a healthy relationship, it is best to identify your needs and seek wholesome ways of tending to them.

7) Myth: Once a cheater, Always a cheater.

Fact: Infidelity is a terrible thing to go through for anyone. But, ultimately, people change, and if a person is truly repentant and wants to rescue the relationship, it can be done.

8) Myth: The first love Is the best.

Fact: People often romanticize the “first love”. In truth, they are special and memorable as they are your first experience. While your first romance might have the bursts and excitement that novelty brings, do not compare all other relationships to the first.

9) Myth: The proposal needs to be a surprise.

Fact: Suprise proposals are sweet to watch but putting someone under that sudden pressure isn’t always best for business. Engagements should be discussed and planned before the proposal, to avoid embarrassment.

10) Myth: You need to call or text your partner 24/7.

Fact: It’s okay to keep your partner up to date with your daily activities but it’s better to let your partner have some space during the day. Frequent and long-duration calls throughout the day may be bothering them and it is a little too unnecessary.

11) Myth: Couples should have a lot of sex to keep the relationship alive.

Fact: There is no rule for the frequency of sex. Sex should not drive a relationship. Sex cannot also keep a relationship alive. If you want to have sex more or less often, talk to your partner and figure out something that works for you both.

12) Myth: You need to change for your partner.

Fact: It is ideal and right to improve on yourself, make compromises and lifestyle changes for your partner, but changing your personality or as a whole or some other major thing for your partner is very wrong. Remain your person, and you’ll have a lot more to bring to your partnership.

13) Myth: Couples Therapy is for already Damaged relationships.

Fact: Couples Therapy can also serve as a preventative measure. Preventative Therapy is a healthy option for all couples to proactively approach their relationship and not wait for something to go wrong.

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1 Comment

  1. Sage

    November 2, 2021 at 9:39 AM

    Great read, so many eye openers

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