The Only Person You Care About Thinks You’re A Player? This Is The Song For You

Oxlade Dkt

Are you the kind of guy who has a lot of female friends you’re close to? And people, you’re interested in just assume you’re a player even before you approach them? I’ve been there. In your mind, you’re just making platonic friendships but people just assume the worst of you because you’re generally nice. This has been around for a while. Some people want the person they want to be with to just be alone and not have anyone else they’re talking to, which is practically impossible. But if this is the case in your love life and you need a way to make your lover understand, this is the song for you.

‘DKT’ by Oxlade highlights how he is going crazy his lover doesn’t want to accept him and he tries to make her know he isn’t a player and the fact that she thinks this makes him go crazy even more.

Oxlade released ‘DKT’ a few months ago which was produced by ‘Spax’. Ikuforiji Abdulrahman aka ‘Oxlade’, aged 23 years old started singing while he was attending Lagos State University.

Download and listen to ‘DKT’ by Oxlade to hear the cries of another lover spurred on by the fire of love.


Listen Below:


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  1. Baba, we know say you be player, writing about things that are personal to you to court someone outside, be objective, boss….

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