Start Your Relationship With Purpose

Start Your Relationship With Purpose

Ever heard the saying ‘start as you mean to go on’? For those who haven’t, it means to start with the same energy you mean to continue with on something, and it’s essential when it comes to relationships.

In many cases, people who are dating end up “falling” into a committed relationship out of a sense of routine, and couples may end up living together even when they are unsure if they belong together. Instead, start your relationship with purpose.

Before fully understanding what is happening, many, if not most, couples slip from non-cohabitation to cohabitation; it is always a nondeliberative and gradual method. Someone, for example, may end up agreeing to move in, and maybe marry their partner eventually simply because they have already spent a considerable amount of time together and formed a bond.

This article is simply saying that you shouldn’t let your relationship growth be accidental and coincidental, start with intent and purpose, let the growth be intentional. Therefore, with a sense of intent, we should start new relationships, really think about what we want and need, and whether the individual we are dating is really likely to agree with those wants and needs and we with theirs: love and light, Wonder.

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