The Mystery of Love Letters – How To Get  Your Partner Hooked!

The Mystery of Love Letters - How To Get  Your Partner Hooked!
The Mystery of Love Letters – How To Get  Your Partner Hooked!
The Mystery of Love Letters - How To Get  Your Partner Hooked!
Since the beginning of time, the ability to string words that communicate fantasy, commitment, and fondness for a person has been known to be a superpower. No wonder love letters melt hearts than any gift could, such is the mystery of love letters.
You have often heard the saying that ‘communication is the lifeblood of any relationship’, especially romantic ones. Without it, relationships and marriages die a natural death. You only need to be away from a person for so long, without any contact, for you to either start to fall out love or fall in love with someone else.
Love grows and love dies – communication or the lack thereof is responsible for either! However, it is possible to etch your love in a heart for almost eternity – this is where love letters play a major role.
The ability to string words together in a manner that speaks passion, fantasy, love, and most importantly, commitment is a superpower every lover should possess.
Is your relationship going through a rough patch?
Do you have currently have a loveless marriage?
Are you experiencing tiredness and fatigue?
Does your partner wonder if you truly love them?
Look no further, it’s time to write a love letter! Bring out a pen and paper and etch the deepest part of your heart there with your handwriting. Communicate fantasy, romance, intimacy, and passion, however, let commitment take center stage.
Research has proven that the most effective love letters are commitment-centric. To do this means to write with assurance and promise of tomorrow such as:
“I cannot imagine my future without you”
“the best thing that can happen to our future children is that you are their mum”
“you are the satisfaction my soul deeply craves and I cannot wait to make you mine”.
When your love letters are filled with commitment words as this, it is likened to building a mansion in someone else’s heart for free.
Love letters are mysteriously powerful, can heal a broken heart, mend a hurting soul, restore a loveless relationship and get your partner hooked on you for life.
With so much power, couples and lovers should be writing more but this is not the case. We are often lazy at doing the work, we forget that a loving relationship is similar to a job – you will get fired for laziness. As such, with a relationship, not putting in the work will eventually get you fired or make you consider firing your partner.
Going forward…
  1. Decide on a day in a month or two months where you will share your deepest thoughts with your partner using a love letter
  2. Take note of simple things they did all through the moment and put them in the letter. This indicates that you are actually involved and interested.
  3. Demand a love letter from your partner. Doing this communicates your interest in their love, not just in yours
  4. Buy a flower, place it beside the letter, and present it as a big deal.
Gifts are powerful, however not as powerful as a heartfelt message of love and commitment from a person we love.
If you need further support on this, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

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