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Relationship Gist with Fisayo: What’s the best way to regain trust in my relationship?



Relationship Gist with Fisayo What's the best way to regain trust in my relationship

After making your partner lose trust in you, this is how to get it back and regain trust.

Relationship Question of the day: What can I do to regain trust in my relationship?

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Trust is important and necessary when it comes to a relationship. And before you can or could trust the next person, that means you already have to an extent a firm belief about the person.

Often we have different kind of people who have different ways they trust. One trusts you at the first encounter especially when everything around the person resonates with them. The other person takes their time to get to know this individual and be sure they are worthy of their trust.

We have this kind of people in a relationship and they also have a different experience of how this trust has been handled.

To regain your trust back in the relationship means that there was trust before and something or situation broke that and you are trying to find a way to regain it back.


The first step to take is to know exactly why the trust was broken in the first place.

What did you do or what did the person do?

What led to the situation?

How did I or the person handle it?

Having this information in clear terms will allow you to understand the history that led to the breaking of the trust.


After looking at those questions critically

You might also need to ask your self 

Why do I want to regain this trust back?

What is my the motive behind this?

And what do I stand to gain or benefit?


Now sometimes we have a different reason to why we want to do something and if not clearly highlighted you will take some decisions for the wrong reason.

Regaining trust especially the one with hurtful experience require process and patience. Because you have to be deliberate and intentional in winning the heart of your spouse to trusting you again.

Ask your spouse question like:

What would you love me to start doing?

How do you think I can express my feelings and love better to you?


What do you think I need to improve on to regain what we have and shared together in our relationship?

These questions are a pathway to where you intend to get. Do not assume you the mind of your spouse. Asking certain questions will give you clarity.

Note this: Trust is a firm belief on something and when it is no longer firm again the belief can easily fade away. 

In a relationship when trust is broken you might have to go back to the foundation and build it again and make it firm because that is what will hold the building of your relationship and not let it crumble.



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