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5 Relationship Questions You Need to Ask Before Saying Yes



5 Relationship Questions You Need to Ask Before Saying Yes

5 Relationship Questions You Need to Ask Before Saying Yes

Love is a beautiful thing but when love flies away from your relationship, it can become an ugly experience. This is why you need to be brutally honest with yourself before you accept any man into your life. 

There are five questions you need to provide answers to. These relationship questions will help you gain clarity and understanding of yourself. And when you know who you are, what you need and don’t need, you have already passed a crucial test.

What do you like doing for fun? How do you like to use your time? 

Knowing your hobbies and activities you like to engage in May sound mundane but it provides insight into you. It helps you to know you and assess the kind of Man that should gain access into your life.
The foods you like to eat, the hangout spot you like to visit, and the things you like to spend your time doing matters. You need to take time to analyse and know them.


What does your dating history say about you? 

If many people had taken time to check their dating history, they would not have dated many men that they did. Thinking about your dating history may cause you to be emotional but overall, it is good. It helps you to see the common mistakes you made in the choice of men. It can help you to highlight your mistakes and make new resolutions. 
Check your history and be certain you are over exes and will no longer be making the same mistakes you once made. 

What qualities must your man possess? 

The ability to know beforehand what you want in a man can help you identify that man when he comes along. Don’t just go about your love life agreeing to everyman that comes. He needs to meet your criteria but do you have a list.
You need to have deal-breaker qualities and deal-maker qualities? The things you want and the things you cannot compromise on.

Spiritual? Are you religious? 

We live in a world where being spiritual seems to be out of fashion and for some it’s important. Is spirituality or religion that important to you? If it is, it also means you must look out for the same in a partner. If you don’t, there may be a clash in beliefs and ideals if you ever get together. 

Do you have long term goals like marriage, kids or even travelling? 

Some people don’t believe in planning for the long-term. They settle for the short term runs and anything that comes with it. This is not good for you. You need to check yourself to know what you see in your five to twenty years. Once you identify this, it becomes easier to know the man that fits into that goal.

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