Relationship Gist with Fisayo: In a Distance Relationship and I Don’t Feel Love

Relationship Gist with Fisayo In a Distance Relationship and I Don't Feel Love

Am in a distance relationship and he keeps saying he loves me but I don’t feel anything for him at present. Do you think it’s because of the distance?

Dear reader,

Thank you for your question.

This question is a two way thing 

Distance relationship and not feeling anything for the guy.

The question I would love to ask this person is  why did you get into the relationship in the  first place?

Were you aware of the distance before the relationship or this started after the commencement of the relationship?

Did you feel anything for him when you just stated the relationship?

If yes what changed?

If no , why did you agree to the relationship?

These questions are very critical because we have distance relationship that worked well and we have some that didn’t. This is dependent on the people in the relationship and what works for them.

It is obvious this person asking this question isn’t telling us the whole thing involved hence we cannot categorically give a definite answer.

However, it is important she answers these question to herself in other for her to know if she is in the right place or not.

For those who might be in this situation and not sure which decision to make. One of the important thing that sustains every relationship is Consistent Communication especially a distance relationship.

Yes, Consistent Communication. When you are able to consistently communicate with each other it reduces the tension the distance is causing between you guys.

Sometimes the reason why feelings also depreciate when it comes to distance relationship is that there is no fun and varieties again. Naturally Human gets tired of the routine, especially if one person is driven by variety and the other person isn’t, it might not be easy to stay put to the same thing every day.

So you might want to know what the distance relationship is doing for you and pass your displeasure to your spouse. If he /she is willing to work on it, you guys can find a way to spice up your relationship and if not you have to be sincere with your self and take a decision that will best suit you and make you happy.


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