Crush And Love – 7 Differences

A crush can look like love if you’ve never been in love before. Even if you’ve been been in love before, it can still be a little difficult to correctly know if what you’re feeling is love or crush, this is because they’re both similar.

You see, love and crush both elicit similar emotional response in humans. The butterflies, the giddiness, and the nervousness are all feelings that you can associate with love and crush.

How then can a person correctly tell if they’re in love or if it’s just a crush?

Keep reading to find out.

These Are The Major Differences Between Love And Crush

1. A crush is fleeting – Love Lasts

While a crush does not linger for a long time, love lingers. Love lasts for a much longer time if not forever. A crush at some point will wear out and will fade with time, love on the other hand is much deeper and so does not just disappear easily.

If you find your feelings for a person lingering for a long time, then it’s highly possible you’re in love with the person and it’s beyond a crush.

Crush Is Instant, Love takes time to build

You can have a crush on someone the moment you meet them. As a matter of fact you don’t even have to meet people to have a crush on them. You can crush on a fictional character based on perceived attributes. Love on the other hand rarely happens instantly. Love takes more time to develop and it’s very possible for a crush to eventually develop  Into love.

3. Love Makes You Lose Interest In Others

A crush might seem deep but you will most likely still find yourself attracted to other people. As a matter of fact it’s very common to have numerous crushes on different people. Loving different people at the same time is not very common and happens rarely.

When you’re in love, you might find yourself losing interest in others and only having your eyes for that one person you like.

4. Love Is Active; Crush Is Passive

You can have a crush on someone but you might not feel promoted to do anything about it. When you’re in love however, you want to show them that your feelings run deep. You want to help them out as much as you can and devote your time into making them feel good.

5.Crush focuses on physicalities; Love is Deeper

If you are crushing on someone it’s mostly because of a particular feature they have that really appeals to you. When you’re in love, you don’t necessarily put much attention on a person’s physical attributes. While those are things that might attract you at first, in the long run, you will care more about the soul and personality.

6. Love Is Natural; A Crush is Wild

Love comes effortlessly and naturally to a person. A crush on the other hand is turbulent. It plays with your mind and messes with your emotions. It leaves you confused and you will often feel out of control.

7.A Crush Is superficial; Love Is deep

A crush is very surface level. You don’t have to know a persons life or story to develop a crush for them. This is why some people after spending time with their crush, end up losing all their feelings. With Love, you get to know a persons life, details and habits before you develop feelings strong enough to be called love.

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