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Akah And Claire Nnani (A Love So Beautiful)



Akah and Claire will make you scream ‘God when!’ They will make you say quotes like, ‘God, am I a potato?’ They are young and their love is so beautiful. They do everything together. They have an Instagram joint account, @akahandclaire and also have a YouTube channel, Akah and Claire where they show their weekend getaways, pictures, couple videos and so on. Before I dive into their love life, let me give you an introduction to these love birds.


Who Is Akah Nnani?

He is a Nigerian born actor, producer, TV host and content creator. He has acted in movies like Banana island ghost, The Purple hibiscus hotel, Isokem, Lara and the beat and many more. He was also in the popular Netflix movies, Omo ghetto the saga and The man of God, where he was the main character, Samuel. He is regarded as one of the fast-rising stars in the Nollywood Industry.


He was born on the 31st of January 1987 in Port Harcourt but is originally from Imo State. His first profession was Presenting and he worked for TVC and hosted the show ‘Splash’ where he interviewed a lot of celebrities. He first featured as an actor in 2014 and has been making it big since then. His first major role was in 2015, in the mini-series, ‘One Chance,’ where he played the role of, Sly.


Who Is Claire Idera Nnani?

Eniola Claire Iderawunmi is a multi-talented fashion designer and illustrator. Claire is a self-taught visual artist with a BSc in Architecture and a Masters in Fashion Design from Kingston University London. She was born on the 28th of February, 1994.



How Did They Meet?

The two met in 2014 on Instagram and kicked things off after then. According to one of their YouTube videos they posted on the 14th of February 2019, Claire had liked Akah’s post on Instagram by 3 am and made a comment and he replied asking her why she was liking his picture at an ungodly hour. She responded with an apology and he asked her to send a DM (Direct Message) after talking for a while, he asked for her contact and email address. Claire also confirmed that Akah was ‘a bit of a douche’ and that he was rude during their first weeks. 


When Did Akah  And Claire Get Married?

The two dated for 5 years and got married on a Monday the 12th of April 2019. The super stylish bride made a statement appearance in her white lace with detachable train dress from Purple Lagos, while her groom looked dashing in his tux from T. I Nathan.


The Nigerian rapper, MI Abaga was also present and he did a special performance for the couple. Each moment of their day was truly special. They also had their traditional and engagement party that day.

In an interview with GQ, The couple said that they had broken up a couple of times but it mostly didn’t last a week because they couldn’t breathe or do without each other. They said it’s normal for relationships to have breaks and they also said that they realised they were right for each other because when they started dealing with the dirty stuff in relationships they stayed with each other through and went through with it.

When they were asked how they made their relationship work for so long, they said,

 “A spoon of commitment, a dash of back rubs and foot massages here and there, and lots of date nights and praying together too.”



A Year And….

On the 8th of April 2020, the couples took to their Instagram page to celebrate each other.  Akah posted,

Claire posted,

Claire’s Baby Bump

On the 8th of February, 2021, Akah posted on his Instagram that their baby had arrived and he was now a father.


“Hey besties and ABN gang, you must have heard by now. Some of you may have figured it out a little while back. Lol. But our baby has arrived. I’m a father,” he wrote.

“I promise to keep you up to speed soon and introduce you to our baby who arrived a few hours after we took this photo. Our only pregnancy shoot.”

Claire also posted some photos back then, updating us on her pregnancy status.



The couples are still striving strong. They have been living peacefully and dropping hot couple pictures.  Akah and Claire are the definition of ‘marry your best friend’.


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