Things You Can Do Before Sex To Make It Even More Amazing

Things You Can Do Before Sex To Make It Even More Amazing

Everyone would agree that some of the best sexual scenarios are spur of the moment. 

You know, the I’ve gotta-have-you-right-now throw downs. 

But other sex situations give us a little more time to prepare …… say you’ve got a hot date scheduled, or a reunion with bae after too many days apart. 

To take advantage of that time in advance, we have decided to explore what you can do before that sex session to make it the best physical, mental, and emotional encounter it should be.


“Start thinking sexy thoughts and think about what’s going to turn you on. Rather than focusing totally on what you’re going to do to your partner, “start thinking about what is erotic to you,” 

This may seem selfish but I tell you what, it get you excited and very hopeful of a great time.

You also need to “groom the bride” Lol….. I mean you need to get the field cleared of weeds and unwanted plants. You should clearly know your partner’s preference, be it shaved or not…. Get a wax, shave them all off at least 24 hours before kick off. 


On a practical note, thinking sexy thoughts can be hard to do if you’re stressed out about your to-do list. 

The day before your planned big night, tackle any pending work deadlines or worrying thoughts.

“This allows your mind to stop focusing on those issues and pivot your thoughts towards pleasure,” If the plan is to go on a romantic getaway or cruise, I advise you go totally offline and get fully online for the pleasures to come.


Don’t forget to clue your partner in to your pre-romp excitement. “Check out a sexual position or activity that you have not tried yet and willing to try out and download a picture or save the link and send it to your partner,” This will definitely have him or her counting down the minutes. Proper preparation, they say prevents poor performance. What better way to prepare your partner mentally that putting the right ideas into his or her thoughts.


I’m sure you’re expecting the typical advice that will suggest you take aphrodisiacs. 

In addition to noshing on aphrodisiacs, you may also may want to stay away from foods that cause bloating or bad breath. I term them “sexy time saboteurs”, You also might want to pack a toothbrush or mouthwash if you’re heading straight from the boardroom (work) to the bedroom (romantic getaway).


Right before getting your O on,  “Sit down and try to meditate and focus on your breath to fully relax, or play music that gets you in the mood.” And as you start getting frisky, the best thing you can do is be present,”.

“Try to focus on exactly what’s going on in front of you in that moment. It’s really an exercise in mindfulness.”

Now what are you waiting for? Time to schedule your next epic sex sesh, STAT.

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