Relationship Gist with Fisayo: How to Know if a Guy Truly Loves You

Fisayo Dayo-Samuel

How can a lady know that a guy truly loves her? 

Dear reader,

Thank you for your question.

There are no to-do list to how to know when a guy truly loves a lady because how we want to be loved differs.  So while I cannot categorically say this is it, I will say you might need to first understand what love means to you.

Understanding your perception of love will help you know and identify if someone truly loves you.

So to understand your perception of love and how you want to be loved you can decide to answer some of these questions at your pace.

What does love mean to me?

How do I want to be treated by someone special to me?

What makes me happy and sweep me off my feet?

What resonate with me in terms of values?

Well, the reason for these questions is to have personal clarity as to what you want and mean by sincere love.

This however is just a foundation to knowing the kind of person you are involved with. This person will also reflect his qualities effortlessly to you, if it compliment yours without anyone being pressured then you are sure on the right path.

Love has gone beyond just I love you and I love you too, I am not saying they are not important, but there are depths in which the reality will bring to your face that will test the extent at which you love the person you are with or how the person truly loves you.

Reason why I love to answer questions with questioning you so you can search inwardly and find your answers. That way you are doing it as you and not as you were told.


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