My Crush Before Before

Chioma tells us her story of how she used to crush on this guy in school and after her friend paired them up and they hung out, her feelings for him died on the spot. 

Hi, my name is Chioma and I’m at Lovelife studio.

Shey you’ll not like to say your surname too so everybody will know who you are

No o.

Because it looks like you are so excited to share your story. We are ready when you are…
I’m Just Weird

I was in 300 at Anambra state university when I met this guy. I was with three of my friends and he passed me. He looked so fine and he smelt good because when he passed, everybody complimented about how he smelt. I watched him cross to the other side of the road and I couldn’t stop staring. In my 3 years in that school that was the most beautiful being I had ever seen. As a normal girl who was with her close friends, I started to gossip. I talked about him and how fine he looked.

They started to tease me and they were excited because I never really felt anyone was fine. I had not even dated anybody in that school. You know, I was just weird. The people I was attracted to were weird-looking guys with strong faces and bushy hair. Others didn’t find them attractive, while the people I found mediocre were the people everyone was dying for.

But this time, things were different. This angel that passed has to be fine in the eyes of everyone. It was impossible to call him ugly or just there. He wasn’t just there, he was fine like 10 fine people. As I complimented him, one of my friends, Adaora, looked really excited. She giggled and said she knew him. Apparently, he was in her department, Sociology and he was quite popular because of his looks. Oh well, what was I expecting?

After seeing him that day, I started to see him every day. That thing happens, when you have never met someone before but once you meet them once, you start seeing them every day. That was what was happening. If I go to the bank, he’s there. He’s there at the canteen, at the library, at the cashew tree, at the faculty office, like he was following me and every time I saw him, I couldn’t stop staring. My heart was going to explode because I was finally in love.

I go to Winners Chapel (Living Faith) Church in school and the campus fellowship is always worshipping at the big church in Awka. A bus comes to pick the members. One Sunday, the bus came to pick me and my friends from our hostel junction to church. When we got to the next junction, everybody started entering the bus and that was when I saw him. Ha! He follows me to church now? I started to suspect Adaora had told him something. As soon as he stepped in, my friends looked at me and giggled. I rolled my eyes and faked a frown.

When we got to church, I asked Adaora if she had told him anything. She said she had not but she was going to tell him eventually because she saw the way I was staring at him in the bus like I wanted to eat him. I stared at him throughout the service. Sometimes he caught me and I’ll just turn my face in embarrassment or keep staring like I wasn’t staring at him but at something else in his direction. It was a foolish move but it was bold.

After church, I got on the bus late because I decided to take pictures and get snacks. As I got in, I saw Adaora sitting with my crush! She had an evil smile on and my heart started to beat. I could feel a high level of embarrassment rush through my veins, I wanted to pee. I hated Adaora for this but I was thankful at the same time. I didn’t even know his name, at least then. I was happy that she was going to link me up and I was going to stop admiring from a distance. I sat a few seats away from them and it didn’t take long after settling that Ada sent me a message on WhatsApp saying she had told him already. I didn’t turn back. I was embarrassed. ‘Did he laugh?’ I texted back. I was so nervous. She replied with a no and said he just blushed. Blush uhn? He’s feeling too handsome. Tch.

When we came down from the bus and started to walk back to our hostel, we started talking about him. He had dropped a junction before us, the junction they picked him from. I asked for his name and Ada said it was Joshua. Hmm, Joshua.

A planned Date

I am a psychology student so I and Adaora were in separate departments but the same faculty. The next day, which was Monday, Adaora rushed into my class and said she came with Joshua and he was outside.

Ha! Look at what I’m wearing na. Why did you do me dirty like this? I wore a pair of Jean trousers and an oversized polo. It was Monday but I wasn’t still ready for school.

I followed her out and indeed, he was outside waiting. We said hi and he asked if I’d like to go with him to a chilling spot in school called the Staff canteen. I said yes and we left. Before leaving, Adaora made a silly excuse on why she could not make it and all. I knew it was a planned date. As we started to walk, I got a message from Ada with, ‘he likes you too. For a long time.’ I was going to faint. ARE YOU SERIOUS!! It’s crazy. I felt more confident and I don’t know whether that was the feeling that killed everything. Immediately, it felt like he was the one crushing on me for a long time.

When we got to the canteen, we started to talk and all. He was even finer from a close view and he was so articulated with good English. I could tell he lived in Lagos or Abuja because those that grew up around Anambra had a trace of Igbo accent. We were discussing and it was fun till I asked him his level and he said he was a fresher. No wonder I had never seen his face before.

That was when my feelings for him died on the spot. It’s weird, I know. I said it in the beginning, I’m weird.

It died completely?

Died completely fam. I didn’t make it obvious immediately but eventually, he realised I wasn’t interested.

So you mean you can’t date your juniors?

No, I can’t. No reason. It’s just my mentality.

Alright then! What will you say to people who are crushing left to right, back to back

Ask for your girlfriend or boyfriend’s genotype before getting engaged

Ahahn that is not what I asked you o

No be you go tell me wetin I go say




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